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 IPL SKIN REJUVENATION                                                                                              

Refresh uses a top of the line French technology IPL, which can treat a vast array of skin conditions.

Reduce sun damage (photo-aging) & fine wrinkling, reduce irregular pigmentation & freckles, stimulate collagen production and even skin tone. Improve Rosacea-reducing overall redness, flushing and dilated capillaries reduce acne & acne scarring. An IPL consultation is a must which will include some test shots

to ensure the correct setting for the best result.


 INTENSIVE PULSED LIGHT (IPL)                                                                                  

Permanent Hair Reduction

Refresh uses a top of the line French technology IPL, the treatment is virtually pain free and very effective. As only hairs in the anagen growth phase are suitable for treatment, it is recommended to have between 6-8 treatments to get the result you desire. This will be fully explained at your consultation.

Treatments are performed by a licenced operator. 


Multiple packages available, please contact us for more information. 

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